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BOEUF. In French means : 1- An animal from the bovine species. 2- Meat from this animal. 3- In Jazz , a group of players «jamming» for their own pleasure : « Faire le boeuf ».

It is from this rich variety of definitions that the name BO.VIN Limoux arose. A juicy piece of beef accompanied by this AOC, a little jazz number and your tastebuds start to swing!

The Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah and Malbec notes join together in total harmony in Limoux to “faire le boeuf”. Each one expresses their own character in a subtle ensemble growing ever louder as the improvisation continues.

The first impression is of a fruity, rounded elegant nose. It is the Merlots and the Cabernets emanating from the oceanic zones to the west of Limoux which bring, via their short maceration, aromas of red berry fruits, cherry and a touch of liquorice which in turn prepares the palate for the full attack of the meat.

This is followed by a velvety mouthfeel with a strong yet discreet structure to allow the beef to express itself.. The gentle power of the Syrah allied to the garrigue-scented Malbec from the Mediterranean zone bring a warmth, silkiness and suave feel to support the varied textures of the beef: with integrated toasty, peppery and spicy notes.

Like the time of the « Boeuf sur le Toit », our grape varieties are found at altitude which gives complexity and finesse from the cooling influence of the Pyrenees.

Lastly, the final touch to give the perfect harmonious style comes from the oak vats which provide a delicate toasted vanilla note.

A High Quality Blend !
A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and Malbec Low Yields Grapes harvested by hand. Further selection by sorting table. Each grape variety vinified separately. Cold maceration before fermentation for the Syrah and Malbec to maximise fruit expression. Short emperature controlled maceration for the Merlot and Cabernet to give finesse, structure and complexity. 8 months maturation in oak vats to blend the different flavours.
Ideal serving temperature 15 degrees C.

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