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La Butinière
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The Queen of Limoux appellation red wines !

Exemplary Vineyards
The natural harmony of our terroirs is reflected in the elegance and audacity of the AOC Limoux Red blend « La Butinière ».

To the West, under the influence of the ocean, the clay limestone soils bring an elegance to the Merlots and Cabernets. To the north, under the more Mediterranean influence, the finer clay soils provide the Syrahs and Malbecs with the fruit character, richness and power. The influence of the Pyrenees to the south in the Upper Aude Valley brings a freshness to all the varieties and completes the wines with a touch of finesse.

These unique conditions, combined with the vineyard cultivation, strict pruning, green harvesting (according to the vintage), low yields, enable us to obtain the best grapes to produce this exceptional wine.

A « top of the range » vinification
All our grapes are harvested by hand, then transported in small containers, passed through the sorting table and de-stemmed. Temperature controlled vinification by variety between 29 and 30°C. Cold maceration before fermentation for the Syrahs and Malbecs, a long maceration of 30 days for the Cabernets and Merlots with frequent pump-overs then final blending.

Matured in French oak for 9 to 10 months to give this exceptional wine all the necessary richness and complexity.

La Butinière : nature gives it it’s wings !
Our Protect the Planet Charter, a pioneer in the fight to protect the environment, encourages bees to return to the vineyards and demonstrates the quality of the vineyard practices and their influence on the natural surroundings.
Restoring the ecosystem in this way constitutes a true "Butinière" (nectar gatherer) which gives the wine the authentic taste of a protected landscape.

Protect Planet

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