Sustainable production

Our respect for the land is not limited to vineyard operations. From vatting to
packaging design, we have studied every step of the production process in detail to
limit our environmental impact wherever possible.

of water used to clean vats
thanks to the installation of
treated stainless-steel vats
that prevent the build-up of
tartar on the walls

Reduction in water use:

thanks to the purchase
of a tangential filter

Use of a shared
production system
for 350 winegrowing

of waste sorted,
collected and

Use of plant-based
fining agents
proteins) in fining
(elimination of
unwanted particles to
prepare the wine for

Bottle weight, labels, packaging… we work on every aspect to ensure the elements
used to present our wines are environmentally friendly.

Création en 2019 du centre d’embouteillage Limoux Conditionnement
construit selon les nouvelles normes environnementales

Étiquette et bouchon
à base de déchets de végétaux

Bouteille allégée :
passage d’une bouteille de 650g à 460g

Pas de dorure ni vernis
sur l’étiquette

de 6,8 tonnes
de verre /an

Carton en 
papier recyclé