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Protect Planet®

Greenhouse gases, pollution, global warming !
The world has discovered the scale of the deterioration of our planet.
The winegrowers of Anne de Joyeuse have been acting on this for over 15 years !

The mobilisation of all the winegrowers.
The winegrowers of Anne de Joyeuse have rallied together since 1992 to put in place the PROTECT the PLANET Charter. Here below is their ambitious plan of action to protect their environment and countryside and what has now become their real philosophy.


How ?
Every day the winegrower observes the fauna, flora and in particular the vine according to a strict protocol. The technicians of Anne de Joyeuse then proceed to analyse all the information gathered across similar vineyard sites.
The results obtained allow them to anticipate the development of any potential vine diseases and to minimise the spraying programme. At the same time the cultivation methods help preserve the biodiversity and respect for the vineyard:

  • Controlled use of fertilisers, growing grass on the pathways (eliminating the ever more frequent rainstorms allowing better infiltration of the beneficial water to the vine),
  • Encouraging the planting of hedges (ideal environment for the fauna to thrive),
  • Working the soil (winter and spring ploughing) to allow the earth to breathe and to enable the root system to develop well to nourish the plant).

This philosophy of respect for the environment continues in the winery where use of water and energy is carefully controlled during the vinifications. Nothing is disposed of without being cleaned up first.

Measurable results
The terroir of the winegrowers of Anne de Joyeuse is made up of vines, garrigue and hedgerows which support a vibrant and varied wildlife. Thanks to their daily efforts, the ecological community (flora and fauna) never stops growing.
Maintaining a good vegetative cover has encouraged flowers up till now extinct to blossom (poppies, orchids..). Insects including bees and ladybirds have returned and birdlife is thriving in the vines with more and more nests appearing.. The essential factors required to prolong this ecosystem rely on the role of man in this delicate life balance.

A rediscovered landscape for more flavoursome wines
The Cave Anne de Joyeuse, through its policy of PROTECT the PLANET, has seen its local environment improve immeasureably. The terroir has regained the strength to give the wines a true expression of their character.

The first French winery to be certified Agriconfiance by the BVQI (Bureau Veritas Qualité international) in 1999.
Food safety : HACCP.


L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. Sachez apprécier et consommer avec modération.

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