BOVIN Limoux

AOP Limoux red


BOVIN / BULLOCK. n. m : 1-Animal of the bovine species. 2-Meat from this animal. 3- In music, a meeting of jazz musicians to play for their own pleasure : «Faire le Bœuf».
These promising definitions inspired this wine’s name «BOVIN». A tasty piece of beef accompanied by this red appellation wine, with a smooth jazz melody in the background and your taste buds will start to swing.


Our vines are cultivated on clay and limestone soils in the Atlantic and Mediterranean climatic zones surrounding Limoux.


Merlot, Cabernet-sauvignon and Malbec.


All of the grapes are harvested by hand.
Each variety is vinified separately. The Malbec undergo a cold maceration before fermentation. The Merlot grapes are macerated
for a long period of 30 days. The wines are matured in oak barrels between 6 and 9 months.


Serve at 15°C.
Deep purple in colour, the nose develops elegant, dark fruit leading to a soft, velvet style on the palate, silky and well structured, long and complex on the finish with well balanced notes of roasted coffee beans and spice.


BOVIN will be a wonderful companion for beef prepared as you like it ! A wine producer’s promise !